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Evoke Angel Numbers Necklace

Evoke Angel Numbers Necklace

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Our Evoke Angel Number necklace is a must for those serious about manifestation and following your calling.

Its no secret the power of angel numbers. The numbers represents virtue and protects the wearer and those around them.

These make a stunning gift for a loved one. Receivers are thrilled with these angel numbers showing up in their life. The angel numbers affirm purpose, meaning and drive. 

Treat yourself or loved one to one of these treasures in the choice of Gold, Rose Gold or Silver. Choose the number that draws you in at first or the number that you have always known that when it shows up, is serving you a higher meaning.

111 is a powerful angel number that represents Manifestation, High energy, and Intuition. This number is a symbol of leadership and creativity and independence. 111 appears in your life and this is your calling to take the opportunity to toss aside negativity and speak your true desires in to reality.

222 representing self-growth, new beginnings and brings attention to the relationships between yourself, the world, and your loved one. 222 showing up in your life is a sign for you to trust your intuition.

333 is a call to recognise and acknowledge your life’s higher purpose. Three is synonymous with strength and prominence, seeing 333 on repeat is your chance to rise to your highest potential. You have the opportunity to make an impact on the people, places and things all around you with your unique talents. Angels are sending you a message in the form of 333, they’re telling you to tap into that potential and keep moving forward and active what you are destined for.

444 Angel number brings a sense of peace and balance. It is a sign that you are currently following the right path and there is something higher watching over you and protecting you. 

555 angel number symbolises that it's time for you to enter a new phase of your life and move forward. Positive change is coming your way.

666 angel number represents success and luck. Number 666 is sending you encouragement and refocus. It represents the importance of the use of imagination and your greatest talent to achieve your goals in the life you were destined for.

777 Divine energy. Angel number 777 represents a new big chapter of growth in your life. You are on the right path and you are being rewarded. You are entering alignment with the Universe and are in a perfect vibrational match to bring in blessings, miracles, good luck, happiness, abundance, great opportunities. Its a sign that your dreams are coming true.

888 Angel number 888 represents balance, great fortune, and spiritual enlightenment. Financial and material abundance is on its way into your life and may be suggesting that you will receive unexpected rewards for past good work. Karma re-paid in kind. 888 tells you that your life purpose is fully supported by the Universe.

999 is showing you that you are entering a magical time in your life where you have the power to make your dreams a reality.

Be quick, these wont last long!

Length: Total chain length is 45cm. 5cm is extension for you to adjust to your desired length.  
Stainless steel jewellery is known to be long-lasting and durable hard to tarnish. However, please always take care of your jewellery to prolong the color. 
Product care and maintenance: Always keep your jewellery clean by avoiding any exposure to water, creams, lotions, perfume, oils and other substances that can be harsh to the items. When you notice any discolouration from residue on your jewellery, wipe the area with a piece of cotton fabric to restore them to a clean state
Pendant Size: 18mm*9mm


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Customer Reviews

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Burley Z

Love it !!

Lela F

Haven't much worn but very satisfied!

Kelly M

LOVE THIS. have not taken it off for over a week. Have worn in shower and playing sports even to the beach and has not tarnished and turned green at all. Must Buy!

Mel K

Beautiful necklace arrived today. Thank You

Estell B

AMAZING QUALITY! Loveee my items.

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