About Us

We are based in Melbourne, Australia, a notable city in style and forward fashion. We have always held a cherished love for watches and fantastic timepieces. They can make a pronounced statement to ones sense of style and overall outfit attire.

Stylish timepieces throughout history have been a nod to an individual's opulence. We are now in the age of the Smart Watch. Designed with fantastic technically advances manufactures, They include with a wealth of features that encompass to the habits of our modern lifestyles. They assist us with our daily lives and make communication even more of ease that we have ever experienced.

However, we did feel one of the most sought after features of the the classic watch was absent. The aesthetic appeal and versatile style we have known from traditional portable timepieces. 

After many occasions of purposely neglecting our smart watches due to the clash in personal style on attending a social meetings or events. We thought there really had to be a better way that this can be managed. There must be a way that we can enjoy a hybrid of style and modern day functionality. 

This is where Culhaine was born. We have created the perfect accessory collection for your smart watch so you can still enjoy an elegant style without sacrificing the smart watch features and convenience they can bring.

Straps and faces that are interchangeable and collectable for you so that you dont have to sacrifice style for functionality.